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Map Factory services Terms and conditions

Adding a private point

* With Map Factory you can add a private point free. In case the user makes use of this service, Map Factory does not certify the veracity nor legality of the information associated to this point.

* Map Factory will not be responsible of the derived consequences of the loss of information that contains the point.

* Map Factory reserves the right to at any time suspend this free service without previous warning.

Adding a public point

* When a point is added with the intention of being published, our system sends the information by email to Map Factory stuff, so that they decide if they publish or not this information.

* The publication criteria of Map Factory stuff obey, generally, to the general interest and the interests of enterprise and/or strategic interests. Map Factory have the right to publish or not publish this information at any moment without previous warning.

* If you would like to assure the publication of one or several points in, you can check our adverising fares

Sending a map by email

* Our email system is an automatic system. Map Factory informs that some mail servers can identify the mail generated by our system as Spam.

* By this and other reasons Map Factory will not be responsible if generated emails do not arrive correctly to destination.

When you add a map in a website

* Map Factory offers the possibility of using its maps in any Web free . Our syndication system requires that the end user has enabled javascript in his navigator as well as has installed, at least, 7.0 version of plugin of Player Flash.

* Map Factory does not become responsible of the consequences of a possible cuts of subminister of the server.

* Map Factory reserves the right to include publicity within the map.

* Map Factory reserves the right to suspend at any time this free service without previous warning.

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