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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

* What is

Mapfactory is a company which specializes in building customizable interactive maps. We offer maps of some of the villages located in Costa Brava, in the Girona region of Spain. We intend to have maps of every village in the rest of Girona state and Catalonia. Once this phase is finished, we will begin to create maps for the rest of Spain. MapFactory is a system to build up-dateable interactive maps quickly, easily and economically. MapFactory is based on a modules system, that makes it highly customizable.

* Why should I use MapFactory?

MapFactory is the nest generation of information display. Information can be found geographically. For example, it can serve to sell a house in l'Escala, to look for the post office of Figueres or to reserve hotel in Cadaqués. And so much more!

* How Mapfactory works?

MapFactory is based on a single file Flash (.swf) witch loads information based on different variables. That information can consist on cartographic layers, configuration data, streets, layers... It works with a complex system of data bases, that subminister the necessary information to this Flash file. I is based on a single Flash file, witch makes so easy update all system. So, all our clients can be benefit of last updates with new features.

* Can I request a system similar to but for another population?

Yes. MapFactory can work with any geographical location. We only need a vector cartographic base (Freehand, Illustrator, Corel Draw, CAD file, GIS file, ...), the rights to be published and the wished hierarchic tree.

* How much cost a new customized application based on MapFactory system?

It depends on the desired customization level. As an example, to prepare the cartographic base of a new village, to build a street map and to create a new hierarchic tree can come to a cost of 1200,00 Euros. Please get in contact with us for further information.

* What are the new functionalities on the next MapFactory version

When MapFactory was born in October 2006 we wanted it to always be developing, Beta. We want our product to constantly be evolving and improving and gaining new functions, while we modify the usability of the existing functions.

We have published the version that we called Beta 0.2. This version is stable and reliable, however many of the intended functions are still in our heads.

We are working on a new version (Beta 0.3). It will incorporate improvements in geography information.

It is going to have:
* Graphic and numerical scale
* Geographic north
* Situation panel.

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